About Suzuki


The Suzuki method is also known as the 'Mother Tongue' method.

Some key aspects/beliefs:

  • Parental involvement is essential
  • Environment nurtures growth
  • Learning by listening
  • small steps - success builds success
  • Individual lessons and group classes
  • Children learn from each other
  • Review and repetition
  • Encouragement and support is crucial


Shinichi Suzuki was a violinist and music educator who believed that all children are able to learn and develop their ability to high level given the right environment and right teaching approach. He developed his teaching approach for violin and called it the " Mother tongue method" as it essentially imitates the way we all learn to speak our Mother tongue.

"Talent is not inborn, it has to be created" Shinichi Suzuki

It is now often referred to as the 'Suzuki method', and programmes in cello, piano, guitar and flute are available.

Suzuki believed music was uplifting for the soul – that music, sound and tone are an expression of life force. Everybody has life force and the ability of artistic expression. Fine artistic expression comes from fine character. Suzuki’s primary aim in developing talent was to create people who were caring, loving people with fine character, and this was something he saw in a wider context as good for mankind.

 "Beautiful tone. Beautiful heart" Shinichi Suzuki 

 "Character first, ability second" Shinichi Suzuki


For more detailed information about the Suzuki Method visit the New Zealand Suzuki Institute website.


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