Suzuki flute studio

The Suzuki method

Shinichi Suzuki's core belief was that musical ability is not inborn but with the right environment and approach musical ability can be developed to a high level.

Suzuki observed that all children learn to speak their Mother tongue. Children grow up hearing their language spoken constantly. Mothers encourage their children to talk with much repetition, encouragement and praise. Children learn to speak before they learn to read. With this basic realisation the 'Suzuki' method was born. He applied this realisation to teaching violin. The basic principles are:

  • All children have ability.
  • An early start.
  • Regular listening to the Suzuki repertoire.
  • Daily practice!
  • The parent/care giver is at the lessons to observe and take notes - and is the home 'Teacher'.
  • Reading music starts a little later than playing depending on the childs age.
  • Each child progresses at their own pace.
  • Small steps are mastered so the child can move forward with success.
  • Regular group playing and concerts.
  • A positive approach.
  • 'Review' - keeping a repertoire of pieces where musicality and new techniques and skills can be mastered.

This approach has been developed for Flute, Cello, Piano, Guitar and singing.

For more information on the Suzuki method visit : NZ Suzuki Institute