I couldn't imagine a better teacher for our daughter Karuna to have learned the flute with. Karuna began learning with Vicky when she was four years old and Vicky's unique, steady and progressive approach, using traditional techniques such as preparatory rice spitting and a wooden stick model flute to begin with,  was the perfect introduction. It ensured a stable foundation was laid for later playing and practice. Vicky is gentle and patient. Her background knowledge and experience of yoga gives her an extra insight into the importance of posture and breathing and she is excellently placed to teach these skills. Karuna has learned the Suzuki method with Vicky  and Vicky's style complements Suzuki philosophy perfectly. Her group lessons are steady and well taught and fun for the children. Above all Vicky is a very kind teacher and this means her students love their lessons and love her. I could not recommend her highly enough as a flute teacher for children. 

Sophia Gunther